What are the effects of Meridia on weight loss in obese adolescents?

Meridia in obese adultThe person is considered obese when the body weight is at least 20 percent higher than it should be. Nowadays obesity in children and adolescents is increasing at a faster rate but with right guidance and methods losing weight is not a difficult task. Commonly used anti-obesity medication is Meridia. Meridia (Sibutramine) is a diet aid and an appetite suppressant which is used to treat obesity by regulating chemicals in the brain that reduce hunger or craving for food. Meridia should be used with reduced calorie diet and exercise.

How does it work?

Meridia alters the neurotransmitters in the brain and affects nerve function and interaction. It boosts the level of norepinephrine and serotonin (chemical messengers in the brain) leading to appetite suppression.  It reduces the desire to eat and ultimately helps you to lose weight quickly. It is a potent weight control agent with proven clinical effects.

Study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Meridia

Various controversies and discussions happened about the safety, efficacy, and benefits of the drugs used to treat obesity. The study included 73 obese adolescents of both sexes ranging the age from 10 to 18 years. It was a double-blind placebo controlled study and lasted for 13 months. The study was started and patients used a placebo and Meridia randomly for 6 months. Then there was a 30 day washout period in which they did not receive placebo and Meridia and then conversely received the placebo and Meridia.

The dosage 10 mg was ingested daily at 10 o’clock. Patients were followed up on every 40 days. Along with this, the patients also underwent nutritional and medical evaluation. Laboratory and imaging tests were performed during starting of the study wash out period and at the end of 13 months.

The subjects who received placebo lost 10 percent of the initial weight and this was observed in 46 percent of subjects and 75 percent of subjects who received the medication Meridia. In the first study period Meridia group waist circumference is decreased by the average of 3.7±5.0 cm and in the placebo group, it was increased by 0.6±4.9 cm in the first study period. The placebo subjects showed an average increased the weight of 1.6±4.5 kg with reduced BMI that is 0.2±1.6 kg/m2 while Meridia group reduced a weight of 4.4±5.9 kg with BMI that is 2.4±2.4 kg/m2 at the end of initial six months. On 7th to 13th-month study, Meridia using subjects reduced weight by 1.7±2.5 kg having BMI at 1.4±1.3 kg/m2, while placebo using subjects increased the weight 4.4±5.2 kg with BMI of 0.9±1.9 kg/m2.

Placebo subjects might experience a headache and diarrhea while Meridia using subjects experience a headache and constipation as the adverse effect.  Meridia has 2.7 times higher frequency of side effects as compared to placebo. It is finally concluded that in obese adolescent’s Meridia causes weight loss as compared with placebo and it also improves several metabolic risk factors in obese adolescents. The medication can be bought online but before buying cheap meridia online people should keep in mind that it should not be taken without doctor’s prescription and elderly people must not take Meridia such as over 65 years old and patients suffering from high blood pressure, liver or kidney disorder.